Millions of Americans are seduced by the media. Ruthless profiteers have brainwashed... Re-hack your brain and take back your life today! ...from the madness....

Life gives us what we expect. So let’s raise our expectations to meet our dreams and fantasies. Life is meant to be fun and we’re supposed to be happy. Time’s...

In this crazy media induced world, wisdom can save your life. Most are pawns doing the bidding of... Committing acts of self...

Humans will lust after anything that drives their emotions into a state of ecstasy. Even if the lure leads to a deadly ambush.

Changing unhealthy food choices will change your life. It could save your life, too. It's easy when you know how... Resources for cooking healthy foods, e...

Milk does a body good? That’s what we’ve been told for years. What if it’s all a lie and it actually causes heart disease? Experts agree drinking milk everyda...

Eating junk foods designed to feed desires will end in ruin. We know junk food isn't good for our bodies, why then do we... Seduced by ruthless profiteers...

December 28, 2018

Your food can literally make you happy, sad, or angry. Comfort foods make us feel good, or do they? What happens when you attempt to eat...?

December 28, 2018

Your Kilr Kravings can make or break you. The great thing about them is that they can be your saving grace... This Kilr Kraving will blow your mind, literally...

Artificial sweeteners: savior of the obese? Healthy, no calories, great taste, safe for diabetics, weight loss, sweeter than sugar... Health problems are pla...

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I am Reni and I’ve been curiously observing people and our often-bizarre behavior around food, fashion and stuff in general for most of my life


Back in the early 70’s, life was pretty simple.


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