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Waking Up to the Madness

My recent trip to the grocery store had me wondering, “Do parents know what’s in the food they’re feeding their kids?” Pale faces with dark circles shadowing their beautiful eyes make me sad as I looked into the carts filled with processed food I knew to be garbage.

Those feelings I carried into my morning as I prayed, “God, how may I serve?” What can I say to people that are struggling to eat? I’ve had decades of learning about nutrition. I didn’t learn it from the news or tv ads like people do today, I was fortunate to find the right teachers, the right books…

But what if you’re new to this whole thing and don’t know where to start? How does anyone get beyond the commercial advertising that is so persuasive, so deceptive and has a strangle hold on Americans? Do you wait until you’re on your death bed or battling high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol? What makes a person wake up to the madness of the food industry?

These are questions I asked myself today and most days. What are the answers I can give that will make you want to say, “Yea, that makes sense,” or, “I want to be healthy, but what can I do?”

I have to admit. Change isn’t easy. Throwing out the junk food that is highly addictive may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life. The hardest job, the work, is up to you. Only you can decide if the taste bud thrill or brain chemical excitement is worth the risk of chronic disease or worse... This is what junk foods can and will do for you. The question you’ve got to ask is this, “Am I worth the effort it takes to get healthy? And, do I love myself and my family enough to do what it takes to survive?

Knowing what to eat and how to cook it, is easy. We’ve done the work for you. Eden’s Corner has a plethora of resources to get you where you want to be; healthy. Beyond surviving to thriving.

We’ve designed a roadmap for you called, “Wellness Journey.” Begin on the HOME page and scroll down. You’ll see 5 Steps. Start at number 1. You’ll get an idea why you’re going to want to start there.

If you’re serious about getting your health right, and you really do want to feel good, you’ll read it and follow it. If you’re a sceptic you can peruse the links that back up the information. I think you’ll find it’s a lot of common sense stuff. Hey, you’re here, that’s half the battle…

Food, the good, the bad, the ugly...

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