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Animal, Mineral or Vegetable?

I’ve been thinking lately, why do we choose the foods we do? Is it because they look good? Taste good? We’re too busy to cook? Maybe you just don’t like to cook.

I figure to really get inside peoples’ heads I’ve got to go to the masses. Where better than the grocery store?

So I got busy compiling a list of questions. I asked Rick for his input- he can see things that are obvious. Me, I tend to over-think and analyze. I see the whole food conundrum from a different perspective. Sometimes simple is better.

Which brings me back to food and ALL the choices. What a cluster… at the grocery store. My head just spins. Really?! You can’t even buy a can of tuna without garbage in it anymore? Unless you go to the “natural” section and pay $4-$6 a can! Tuna sandwiches used to be an inexpensive lunch option for families.

What’s for lunch today? Animal, mineral or vegetable?

Happy shopping everyone! Oh, and try to find at least ONE good thing to eat today, okay?

Food; the good, the bad and the ugly…

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