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Who's Stirring the Pot?

It’s almost Friday. Are you thinking about this weekend’s food feast yet? I love fall. Soup, pot pies, more soup. It’s great. But what if there’s no designated pot stirrer in your group? You know, someone who just LOVES to create stuff in the kitchen. And not just stuff from a can or freezer section of the grocery store.

My best advice, and this goes for any of you out there suffering from any “body dis-ease,” get yourself a healthy cookbook. To get healthy you gotta eat healthy stuff. After the cookbook, that's your first step.

Enlist family members' help. Okay, you might have to insist. Use a little psychology and you may find there's a great chef among you!

Hey, you just might bond hanging out in the kitchen instead of sitting in a zombie-like state for hours watching a TV show you’ll most likely forget tomorrow.

When I was a kid everyone hung out in (or near) my Grandma’s kitchen. Not only because we were hungry, but that’s where the interesting conversation was. Well, let’s say it got interesting when we (the cousins) learned pig latin!

Times were different back then. Food was simple. We didn’t have all the store choices and we didn’t know any different. Food was delicious and healthy.

Need a cookbook? Check this out, "Nourishing Traditions."

And make some soup, real soup, not the stuff from a can either.

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