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Cheap, Quick AND Easy!

And junk food tastes so good! Oh yea, those chemists are no dummies. They know how to keep you coming back for more. They design (or is it created?) it especially for your taste buds and your brain. The tongue says, “Give me more!” While the brain (due to the excitotoxins) is in ecstasy with anticipation of your next bite or drink…

We’re hooked on the pleasure of eating rich, sweet and salty foods. It doesn’t get any better than fat, salt and sugar, right?

Hmmm, shall we have chips, cookies, or those new cheese puff things in a can? I know, let’s all go to McDonald’s! It’s cheap and quick too.

I remember the last time Rick and I went to one of those drive-through fast food Mexican joints and got the usual. Something like bean burritos, chicken tacos, greasy potato things- don’t skimp on the grease!- I just about had a coronary when the young gal at the window said, “That’ll be $23.00 please.” What the #%! My first thought was to flee. What fast food (for 2 people) could taste that good for $23?!

We haven’t gone back. And people think real food is expensive.

The BIG expense comes when your health deteriorates and you head to the doctor. Not to mention the misery. Your killer kravings may seem cheap, fast and easy now, but in the long run it will end badly.

Ready to take back your health? Lots of resources and help here. After all, you're so worth it...

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