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Where's My Cereal?

I admit I’m a bit out of the junk food loop. I do however, observe practically every cart that rolls passed me in the grocery store. Hey, I’m curious. Amazed even!

I started down the cereal aisle (hoping to find some Nature’s Path Ancient Grains Cereal).

I was amazed to see box after box of familiar variations on the stuff I knew and loved as a kid. Okay, maybe shocked was more like it. I figured there were close to 500 different ones. Really? Could there be a market for all these cereals? I know, dumb question. If they’re in the store they MUST be selling or they wouldn’t be on the shelves! And no, there weren’t any Nature’s Path cereals.

I almost forgot about the ingenious advertising honed to perfection. You know, television. There’s the lively or serious announcer that reminds you why you gotta have it: “Your clothes will smell ‘spring fresh’ and your whites, bright, or the perfect body you’ll have after eating this “Special” cereal.

Evidently, we’ve bought it, literally. And we pay dearly for their advertising. Next time you’re watching television and a food commercial comes on, see how long it takes before you walk into the kitchen…

It's no accident, these mesmerizing commercials are ingeniously crafted to make you "think" you desire them. Oh yea, watch tv long enough and you'll be buying it alright. All the way to the hospital and the poor house.

Get an inside peek into the brainwashing of America and other "civilized" countries and you may have a chance of outwitting and surviving the corporate devils that are making a killing off you, literally.

Food: The good, the bad and the ugly…

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