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If It’s In the Store It Must Be Good, Right?

I mentioned a few weeks back I'd be surveying shoppers to find out how they decide what to eat for dinner, snacks, etc.

Yes or no questions seemed to be the best kind. That way there wasn’t a lot of time wasted and people in a hurry could answer quickly and be on their way, so…

This is how it went…

I scanned the faces of shoppers seriously hunting for their faves.

A mother and her daughter were standing in the produce section. “Great” I thought, they’ll be friendly and open to my questions. As I ventured nearer doing my best to put out friendly vibes, the mom’s head turned toward me. Her knitted brow and furled lip looked like someone deep in pain. I didn’t know if she was physically hurting or miles away, lost in another time and memory.

Her vibes told me, “No, don’t go there.”

I mentally sent her thoughts of peace and continued my hunt for a willing subject; anyone that looked like they had a moment, or they’d laugh at a joke.

I spotted a tribe of 5. Parents with big teenage kids and a small boy child. The youngest was playing around, doing his best to self-entertain without upsetting his folks. I got closer only to hear the surly remarks coming from the older children. Each was making their case for the junk food laden snacks they had their eyes on.

I had read that junk food was addictive and began to wonder, “How crazy mean would a kid get if you denied them their favorite snack?” Mutiny?

Hey, I like chips as much as the next person, but this junk food thing and kids has gotten out of hand. The data is overwhelming and eventually it will hit home. Eventually…

Why are kids eating too much of the wrong foods? Is it because kids spend so much time alone? Are parents too busy to learn how to cook healthy meals?

I think most would agree television is a major culprit in the misinformation around food education in America. For decades we’ve been conditioned (brainwashed?) to “believe” that processed foods are not only okay, but healthy!

What are your thoughts on the food revolution that is storming across America? Any ideas for parents struggling to help their kids eat healthier foods?

I’ll have more on my store survey in upcoming Kilr Kravings, stay tuned.

Food: The good, the bad and the necessary…

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