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Why More is Less

I had to think hard the first time I heard that one. Really? How can more of something be less of it?

As the day passed I pondered it. I was tidying up and looking around at all the “stuff,” and immediately I thought, “That’s it!” There so much crap around here I have more stuff to pick up and less time for the stuff I really want to do. More is less…

I looked at our tiny gallery-sized kitchen with its sink piled high of dishes. Hmm, how can I minimize the dishes? I set about taking all the extra silverware and dishes out, save for 3 place settings. Did it work? No, my youngest was incorrigible. Not only a non-conformist, but a defiant one as well.

I didn’t stop there. I took a very close look at the snacks he was bringing into the house. Yikes, they had anywhere from 10-25 ingredients, with words so long, I had trouble pronouncing them.

What happened to the snacks of my youth? You know, the ones with just the tasty fat, salt and sugar?

Today’s processed foods have more bad ingredients and less of the good stuff. Hmm, there it is again, more is less.

Food: The good, the bad, the terribly processed…

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