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Simply Irresistible

Fortunately for you it’s a no brainer.

Whether you dream of a juicy burger, salty chips, or chocolate cookies, you’ve got lots of choices. Hey, you probably have plenty of favorites to keep you munching well into the evening.

Our munchies need all the right stuff: fat, salt and sugar. They rarely fail to satisfy our cravings. But did you know there’s more to that tasty morsel than meets the eye?

Ever wonder why your favorite chip tastes so good and you can’t eat just one (dozen)? Or why you feel driven to eat half a bag of cookies, instead of one or two? (Mindlessly watching TV and those irresistible food commercials helps you out quite a bit too, I imagine.)

How can your favorite snacks taste so good and keep you wanting more and more…?

There’s a very good reason. It’s a well thought out plan with lots of science and psychology behind it. Brought to you by the "flavor genius" they call, "Dr. Bliss." His name, Howard Markowitz. Oh yea, he’s real. You’re probably enjoying one of his brilliantly engineered “food products” right now. Not just drinks and snacks, but many other foods like bread and pasta sauce.

If you're a junk food addict you can thank him for those scrumptious, addictive snacks that bear little resemblance to real foods and the very reason you can’t stop eating them (until they’re gone). Before you’ve even finished eating your last bite your mind is telling you why you need more.

Ah, the brain chemicals, generously rewarding you with sensations of pleasure, while you impatiently wait in line to get out of the store. Most likely thinking, “When I get to the car I'm going to tear open one of those little Darlin’ pies, or maybe two…”

The snacks, they’re killer, just look around. They’re everywhere.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the irresistable…

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