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Needle in a Haystack?

Good food is hard to find. The grocery store has so much stuff it’s a bit like a kid in a candy store. So many choices, what do you do?

You probably gravitate to what’s familiar. After all, you’ve heard the commercial hundreds of times. The ad says it’s quick and easy to make and you’ll be doing your family a favor by cooking it. They’re telling you the truth, right? They wouldn’t want to harm you and your family…

What if you’re hungry and you need something for dinner now? Without a plan and a menu, it’s a bit of a crap shoot. A cluster…

You’re at their mercy really. And if you’re like most Americans you shop by default. Driven by your subconscious desire to fill a void, a void that is fueled by a television ad. Quick, cheap, nutritious. Doesn’t get any better than that. Or so they’d have you believe. Oh, you believe it alright. You’re buying it aren’t you?

Here’s a simple test to see how ‘healthy’ your food is:

1.Do you feel energized and mentally alert after you’ve eaten it?

Healthy food nourishes and unless you have allergies, will make your body feel ‘alive.’

2. Do you find yourself craving and eating the same foods/ snacks every day or week?

Processed foods are loaded with countless chemicals engineered to make you addicted, and coming back for more and more and…

3. Do you have pain in your body? Are you often sick? Do you have an illness that requires medication to manage your symptoms?

Industrial food is poison. Inflammation and many other “dis-eases” result when your body is malnourished (processed food does not give you the nutrients your body requires) and toxic.

4. Does your food require refrigeration? Does it have a short shelf life?

Industrial-processed food can last for years on the shelf due to massive quantities of additives. None of which were ever designed to be ingested by the human body.

Healthy food creates a healthy body. When you care enough about how you feel, you will do the work it takes to learn how to get your body healthy.

We have resources for you, but you've got to decide if you're worth the effort it takes. What do you value most?

If you have children, you can save them from a life of painful misery. It’s said the current generation will not live as long as their parents. That is evident.

Food: The good, the bad, the deceptively edible…

Food & Recipe Sources:

Eating to Live- Foods vital to a healthy diet. How to find them and cookbooks to get you started.!a-wholesome-diet/ce4o

Wellness Journey- A roadmap to guide you to a healthy lifestyle. Fundamental tools to get you headed toward health and lifestyle freedom.!healthy-living/c161y

Eden’s Corner Recipes- Delicious recipes with few ingredients. None are processed, all are healthy.!recipes/c1e6w

Food Matters-!nutrition-books/ceec

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