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Crystal Ball Tells All

Imagine having a crystal ball. If you could see your future, what would it look like? What if your future scared you and made you reconsider your life and the choices you make today?

These questions remind me of the movie, “Scrooged,” with Bill Murray. He was a miserable, selfish miser who viewed the world and its populace as one to control and use. While I don’t share his philosophy, it is prevalent in our society.

Bill Murray’s character eventually saw the error of his ways; as he let go of fear, his heart opened up. Only then was he able to see others with love and kindness. His fear had brought him to an ugly, unfulfilling place in his life. Fortunately, he realized how worthless and pointless his life had become while he was still alive. His decision to make conscious choices that benefited others became his saving grace.

Our society, with its subliminal commercial advertising has created a nightmare reality. Fear has shaped and molded the beliefs by which most Americans and the world direct their lives. There is fear of other races, fear of sickness, fear of poverty, fear of death… All distract us from the bigger picture. We hunger for something, what is it?

Gaze into your crystal ball, what does your life look like? Do you know you are creating your future right now? NOW, not later, not next week, nor next year. RIGHT NOW. You’re doing it with your thoughts.

What kind of life are you hungry for?

What you think will heal you or harm you. Thoughts that heal feel good. Thoughts that harm make you sick.

It is only when you care about how you feel that you create a life that supports and brings you good health and happiness.

Why would entire nations of people mindlessly eat that which we know to be poison for our bodies? It started decades ago. It was (and still is) and ingenious plan, well-designed, masterminded even, and right under our noses.

The reason you buy and think what you do is because you have been told (programmed) for so long, perhaps your entire life, and you’ve forgotten what is ‘real.’

What “really” makes you happy? I'll give you a hint, it’s NOT junk food, the latest car, home, gadget, vacation, etc.

What makes you happy? Your crystal ball will show you when you are ready. You will see it when you awaken to who you really are. Not the meat suit, or “what-you-do at work person,” or how you think of yourself. It’s not about thinking, it’s about knowing that within you lies a spirit connected to the divine. From this spirit you discover who you are (your gifts & talents) and why you are here (how you express and share your gifts with the world).

Gaze into your crystal ball. Look into the eyes of you in the future. Who do you see? Are you sick and angry/scared or healthy and enjoying life?

What are you hungry for?

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