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The Big Fat Surprise

Fat has gotten a bad rap lately. Vicious gossip and malicious lies have spawned the low-fat craze that's sweeping across America at warp speed. But has this low-fat craze done anything to improve the size of our waistlines? Are we any less fat or healthier despite the thousands of "low-fat" food products on the market? Certainly not.

This notion of fat being so harmful and terrible for you goes back a long way. No, it wasn't generated by vegetarians or anti-dairy groups. Innocently, it began with a cause. Americans were getting unhealthy and the public needed to know. Hence, the crusade to save our country from unhealthy drinks and foods began.

To understand how it all started you have to go back a few decades. Firstly, my disclaimer: There is so much convoluted internet data out there I hesitate to print it. I will however, reference some resources for your perusual. I can say this about the low-fat trickery going on, "proof is in the pudding." Read on, you'll see what I mean in a few moments.

Lots of misinformation and subterfuge led the big “fat” dispute back then, and even studies by so-called “authorities” are suspect.

One thing I know for sure: the commercial food industry, brilliant master-minds at mirth, mystery and prestidigitation, took the “fat” ball and ran with it. And did they ever run fast. Thousands of products later, they’ve got most of America actually believing low-fat is their savior, and they've got the junk food industry to thank!

How did they take the fat out and make it taste so good? It didn’t, at least not before adding one of the many weapons in their artificial food arsenal, sugar. Sugar; ubiquitous, and coveted, it's disguised by many different names, over 50 in fact. Sucralose (Splenda), cane juice, caramel, and others you probably don't even recognize. It’s also highly addictive and wreaks havoc on your body. Literally ruining your health. The addictive ingredients in junk food (there are literally thousands of artificial ingredients in processed foods today) are designed to keep you hungry and craving more. The empty calories provide no nourishment and you’re basically starving to death, even if you’re fat. No, especially if you’re fat.

Did I say FAT? Yep, that’s exactly what happens in your body when you consume sugar or any of the low-fat fare being passed off as 'a really good idea and healthy for you.”

What's the Big Fat Surprise? Fat is good for you. Yep, provided it's organic- hey, who wants growth hormones, lots more toxic stuff, antibiotics, or pus in their dairy foods? - butter and cream, are not the evil demons they'd have you believe. Besides, if you're doing a lot of junk food, it's unlikely you're concerned with your intake of dairy or meat fat anyway.

Next time you see a package of snack food or any food for that matter with a label touting "low-fat," think again. Low-fat just means high in sugar and dozens of other garbage designed to keep you "high in fat, and high on sugar."

Food: The good, the bad, the not-so-cleverly disguised...


Saturated Fat Myth- Dr. Mercola

New Science Destroys the Saturated Fat Myth- Dr. Mercola

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