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New Year, Same sh#? Are You a Fringe Dweller?

The holidays have come and gone. With the next anticipated food feast some 3 months away we shift thoughts to the usual tantalizing treats. On occasion we drift, perhaps we envision spring and the glorious feast we shall partake at Easter. Yes Easter, with its traditional ham, potatoes, and all the irresistible temptations we have come to expect.

Today life is back to normal. Whatever “normal” is right? Depending on your life, normal is either good, bad or whatever… For most it's the same old routine, without the distraction of Christmas shopping and decorating. And those obligatory outings we cursed as the precious moments ticked by as we realized we'd missed our favorite show and our favorite chair or couch that was calling our name…

What is normal? Is it living a life like everyone else? Doing all the things most of America does? You know, go in debt to buy more stuff you don’t need, shop where the grocery carts are so big you can fit your entire family in them?

What would NOT normal even look like? What if you could be “better" than normal? And what if NOT normal made you happy and gave you a good reason to want to get up in the morning? What if you woke up feeling really good and excited to start your day?

Well, if you weren't normal, you’d probably be a fringe dweller. Fringe dwellers don’t follow the masses; who mindlessly buy all types of artificially flavored industrial food and needless stuff in an attempt to fill their "happy void." Outsourcing their bodies to a system that depends on their sickness to stay in business. A fringe dweller contemplates life, and treats their body with respect.

A fringe dweller is happy because they’ve learned the secret to living in the world. A world that is driven by unscrupulous corporations who’ve brainwashed and continue to control the masses through very sophisticated public relation campaigns via television, radio, books, magazines (especially the ones at the supermarket), etc.

We call this “mass hypnosis,” being Bearnaised. A term we have coined to describe the effects of the brilliant propagandist that brought you much of the stuff you believe to be true. Fluoride in water, toothpaste and other things is one of his many successful campaigns. Yea, the Bernays (Bearnaise) sauce has tainted America. (Keep an eye out for future articles about the genius spin doctor, Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, the famed psychoanalyst.)

Most don’t even know it’s happening right under their noses. Every time you watch a commercial telling you how much joy you’ll get eating a certain kind of junk food or how you’ll kill germs- and keep your family safe! - using a chemical-laden cleaning spray, you will know it is Bernays-inspired propaganda. And if you buy it? Well then, you’ve been Bearnaised.

Believe me? Look around. The mass hypnosis is rampant. The unmistakable landscape of the “grocery store” is a prime example. Where product after product with its brightly colored package is pasted with health claims, and the lure of flavor and joy is deviously designed to hook you and keep you coming back for more. There’s the tens of thousands of unregulated chemicals too. Subconsciously you buy a cleaning, laundry or even beauty care product that you’re sure will protect your family. You’re certain it will work because you’ve heard the commercial hundreds of times. You don’t really know why you’re buying it, but somehow it feels right, it feels good… Poison to protect and poison to feed.

The industrial corporations poisoning Americans and much of the world are counting on their advertising. Advertising that is so compeling, so deceiving, you will buy whatever they want you to buy. They’re counting on it literally, right to the bank…

Those of you who dwell on the fringe are amazed the public is “buying” it. Fringe dwellers know the word “health nut” was a devious smear campaign to convince the masses to buy chemical-laden food. All food used to be “organic.” It was real food, nothing fancy. No bright packages, and million dollar advertising campaigns to convince people to buy it. The masses have been brainwashed to believe organic fruits & vegetables are too expensive and not any better than the other produce they’ve subsidized with their tax dollars, which actually costs more than the price they think they’re paying.

Fringe dwellers have a strong sense of survival. They observe the masses and do the opposite! From the sidelines they watch patiently, and quietly (sometimes!) observing the world, contributing in ways that benefit humanity and the rest of the world.

It’s a new year. Are you a fringe dweller or one of the masses?

You decide, after all, it’s your life.

Food: The good, the bad, the ugly…

Fringe Dwellers are in a different evolutionary spiral, because they aspire to belong to a world of higher consciousness, rather than have ideas and morals imposed upon them by a system that has corrupt values, one that often doesn’t really know what its talking about.

-Stuart Wilde

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