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Juice Your Way to Health

While the practice of juicing for good health and healing has been around for centuries, perhaps longer, it has only recently become popular in America and other parts of the world. Movies such as “Hungry for Change,” and “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” are changing the way we view food and our understanding of the vital role our food choices play in our lives.

When you consider that fruits and vegetables provided they are organic and fresh, contain virtually every nutrient needed to nourish and heal the human body, it is no wonder that juicing has become so popular. The human population is experiencing an epidemic of disease despite the efforts of modern medicine. The healthcare system in America and around the world is in crisis. Juicing just may be the answer...

If you’re new to juicing, visit our Juicing 101 page. You’ll learn the whys and hows of juicing and get off to a good start.

Here’s a smoothie recipe for those of you who want a healthy breakfast treat you can make in a blender:

Breakfast Smoothie


2 c. total of any berries:





or whichever you desire

Kiwi 1

Pineapple ½ - 1 cup

Bananas 1 or 2

Flaxseed ground 2-4 T. per cup

Process in blender. Drink immediately. Remember to be creative. Add fresh seasonal fruits when available. And shop your local co-op, farmer’s market, and grow your own!

Visit Eden’s Juice Bar for more delicious juice recipes and learn about the health benefits of this nutritious drink.

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