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Drink Your Way to Good Health

The juicing craze is sweeping across the globe at such a pace there is hardly a soul that hasn’t encountered someone that is “juicing.” Now I’m not saying it’s crazy to juice, I’m saying it’s very popular. Unlike most diets that do not work, juicing actually addresses the cause of illness (malnutrition and toxicity) by supplying much needed nutrients that are impossible to get from the Standard American Diet (SAD)…

Countless books and studies have shown the benefits of juicing and most of the work and planning have been done for you. Whether you’re wondering what juicer to buy or what drink to make, it’s here on Eden’s Corner.

Here’s one of our favorite recipes we hope you’ll enjoy:

Pop’s Green Drink

We are amazed, yet pleased that our young granddaughter loves this drink. Anything to get kids to eat and drink healthy is a bonus!

We came up with this recipe after using a basic green drink recipe that tasted awful. We learned the hard way that more greens are NOT better, at least not when it comes to taste! Your total greens should not exceed 25% or ¼ of your recipe.

Ingredients – Always choose organic to ensure you’re getting minerals. Moreover, your body will not be burdened with excessive herbicides, insecticides and gmo’s that are toxic, especially to children.

25% of your drink should be green leafy vegetables; choose one or a combination of these:

Kale (most nutrient dense and beneficial)/Chard/Spinach

Collard Greens/Romaine

Carrots 4 lg.

Celery 4 lg.

Apples 1-2 lg. Fuji or Granny Smith (Fujis are sweet and grannies are tart.) Or other fresh, crisp apple of your liking.

Cucumber 1

Lemon 1

Ginger root 2” piece

Garlic 2 cloves


Prepare produce according to your juicer specifications. Peelings may be added. Never add non-organic peelings as they are loaded with toxic chemicals. Orange peel in juices is never a good idea. Orange peel is bitter and will impart an undesirable flavor to your drink.

Health benefits of this drink include:

Aid in Bone Health

Aid in Colon Health

Aids digestion

Aids in Blood Sugar

Aids Respiratory Symptoms

Anti-Asthma Benefits


Anti-Inflammatory Support

Antioxidant Support

Cardiovascular Benefits

Eye Health

Phytonutrients Protect DNA

Supports Detoxification

Supports Reduce Neurological Diseases

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