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Who's Buying What?!

I mentioned a while back that I was planning to speak with shoppers regarding their food choices and why they chose certain foods.

Here’s the reasons they gave for buying (and eating) unhealthy foods. Can’t say I’m surprised. I was pretty sure this was how it’d go down.

Hey, most of us are eating the SAD diet, you know, Standard American Diet. We're taste-bud driven with decades of Edward Bernays' inspired propaganda coursing through our cerebral veins.

Top 7 Reasons for NOT Eating Healthy Food

1. It tastes good.

2. Healthy food is too expensive.

3. Unhealthy habits are too hard to change.

4. Life is short, we’re gonna die anyway, right?

5. My family likes this food.

6. I’m not sure which foods are healthy and how to cook them.

7. I don’t have time and I don’t like to cook.

Any of these sound familiar? Hey, we’re all doing our best, right?

Next week we’ll talk about some strategies to address these common reasons for avoiding healthy food.

You know, the stuff your body was made to eat.

Food: The good, the bad, the ugly…

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