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Trail Mix & Ensure

In theory, processed foods sound healthy, and many think they’re nutritious. They’ve seen the commercials over and over so it must be good, right? Print the propaganda using clever subliminal messages and guess what? The tale becomes fact! Especially if someone is dressed up to imitate a doctor.

What if your friend or family member is eating unhealthy processed foods? Do you mention that their delicious, seemingly healthy trail mix consists of 20 or more different chemically-derived ingredients while they soak it up with a toxic goop cleverly disguised with misleading and false nutrition information? Processed dead food, fortified with synthetic vitamins do not a nutritious shake nor healthy trail mix make. In fact, synthetic vitamins are toxic to the body.

There are times when my heart is heavy. I instinctively know I must remain silent, my advice sure to fall on deaf ears and create animosity. Elder friends and family members in poor health can be especially disheartening. Their well-intended, albeit misinformed physicians and dietitians do more harm than good.

Why would any health professional advise a client to eat and drink toxic foods such as diet coke, ensure drinks and the like? Because they just don’t know any better. No, a typical doctor in the States has about one hour of nutritional training.

It breaks my heart to see people blindly trusting their doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and the commercial food industry. Most doctors haven’t a clue about nutrition or how dangerous the drugs they prescribe are. They aren’t taught and they’re too busy to learn.

Whether it’s people, animals or plants, good health and resistance to illness begin with a strong foundation. When we know better, we can do better.

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