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What Are You (Really) Hungry For?

Are you hungry for your favorite snacks? Comfort food? Mom’s apple pie?

Maybe what you’re really hungry for isn’t food. Maybe you’re bored…

Could it be that we’re eating out of boredom? Why would anyone eat when they’re not hungry, especially junk food? Is it because we don’t know any better, or because we don’t care?

I know some junk food addicts. Actually they’re everywhere. Of course you know that already if you’ve seen the inside of a typical grocery store. I’ve often wondered about the junk foodies. Do they realize their “stomach shares” (that’s how the commercial food industry describes them when they talk about their shareholders’ profits) are supporting an industry that is contributing to the “sick care crisis” in America and other countries that are dominated by industrial “food” corporations?

My observation of junk foodies is that they seem bored. Their lives often revolve around daily meals, snacks, and the highlight of the day, dinner and television. Followed by more food in the form of their favorite evening junk fare.

Okay, this may be a wide generalization, but unless you’re a Fringe Dweller, you’re one of the masses.

Which leads me to the title of this story. What Are You (Really) Hungry For?

Hunger is MUCH MORE than wanting food. And boredom is more than a lack of something to do. There is always something to do. Boredom is a side effect, not a cause. We get “bored” when we are living a life without purpose. Life without dreams, goals, desires and passion will always lead to discontent and unhappiness. And if you listen to the television ads you’ll think eating their crap and buying what you don’t need will make you happy.

So, are you really hungry or are you being subconsciously manipulated?

Food: The good, the bad, the ugly…

Read more on how corporations influence and affect your subconscious mind.

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