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The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy

You don’t need a religious or spiritual faith to know things are happening around you, all the time. Those seeming “accidents, coincidences and miracles,” are in your life for a reason. Signs you might call messages that say all is well, or not…

Our food choices reveal the balance or struggle that exists within the mind. When pain, a chronic illness or near death catastrophe results, we are unable to ignore it. Some say it’s a sign or a message from God; a wake-up call to Change Your Life!

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your “true or authentic self” is the positive aspect of your being and is always working on your behalf. It is a self-preservation system that exists to keep you happy, healthy, and alive.

Conversely, within you also lies a dark side. The “shadow side,” or ego Self, tells you to seek gratification and buy things you don’t need. And if it’s food, God help you. Your ego does not care if you eat poisoned commercial “food.” It does not care that the food has thousands of addictive chemicals that cause you to starve to death (from malnourishment) and become poisoned and toxic. The ego craves to fill its desires. The ego’s strength is equal only to your sense of self; your self-esteem, sense of worthiness and your concept of having control in your life. It is extremely important then, to do whatever you can each day to feel good about yourself.

While there are many doctors that are very good at what they do, we recommend you seek a doctor that is trained in functional medicine or a naturopath.

Humanity is much like a garden. And every garden needs the best soil (food), pure water, and loving souls to nurture and tend it.

Cultivate good thoughts in your mind. Love yourself and you will be happy, and you will be well.

Food: The good, the bad, the ugly…

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