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A New You

Everyone wants to be a better person. It doesn’t mean we aren’t good, we just know we could be better…

Tradition states we get a “second chance” every “New Year.” We make resolutions, promises to ourselves, and speak words of hopeful change. Why do we feel we need a specific time or holiday to make meaningful changes in our lives?

Each day is a new beginning, why not start today? Why wait?

Perhaps you're stuck in this diet conundrum: It's a brand new day, morning is here, your head fog is so thick you vow this will be the day you start your diet and get fit once and for all. You forgo breakfast, the previous night’s meal has you so full you figure you could stand to skip a meal or two.

Several cups of coffee later and lunch time rolls around. What now? Have you planned for the “new you?” Do you have some healthy meals planned up? What’s your strategy?

If you’re like most people hoping for change, it looks like this:

You starve all day with good intentions.

By late afternoon or early evening, you’re ravenously hungry and go right back to eating the same addictive foods that you’ve always been eating. I know, I was there. I was a carb addict. I also ate A LOT of dairy. Couldn’t get enough butter and cheese.

Fortunately, I also loved to garden and eat fruits and vegetables. That was my saving grace, more or less. It still took a long time to come to terms with my Kilr Kravings. I knew I could feel better but I had to have a plan… old one wasn't working.

Some good cookbooks, self-development tapes/books, and I was on my way to getting control of my health.

We all want to feel good and live a happy life. There is a reason we’re here on this earth and we've got to find out what it is...

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the necessary...

Further Resources

A great cookbook that uses traditional American foods.

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon!cookbooks/c1p6i

Check out this and other great inspirational books in our Eden's Store powered by Amazon

The Power of Positive Thinking!inspirational-books/c1xwk

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