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Are You What You Eat?

Are You What You Eat?

“You are what you eat.” Sound familiar? This innocent little phrase has been casually kicked around for generations. Could what we eat really make up the sum total of who we are?

I’ve pondered this for years. I’ve observed myself and thousands of others. What I discovered was amazing: Everything we eat, drink, swallow, breathe and THINK, creates our bodies.

You may have a hard time wrapping your head around it if it’s your first time hearing this. Maybe you don’t think it matters how you nourish or don’t nourish your body. And if you’re taking pharmaceutical drugs to “cure” a problem, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Our bodies have magnificent healing powers. When we provide the proper healing foods our body can do what it is designed to do, heal. In addition to healing foods, we must have nourishing thoughts. For it is our thoughts that will choose the foods we need. If you’re a burger eater you might want to check out the Kilr Kravings article, “What’s on Your Burger?”

“Dis-ease” occurs only when the body is malnourished and toxic. Big Pharma drugs are not only toxic (made in a lab with chemicals that poison you), but create imbalance on every level of your being. What affects the physical body also affects the mind and the soul.

Many of my Kilr Kravings blogs address the effects of false media advertising on the public mind. Read this if you’re ready to have your mind blown and your life radically changed. I’ll show you how the corporate elite continues to seduce generations (typically Americans or those living a Western lifestyle), to buy products that often cause illness, debt, and death. With ingeniously, deceptive advertising, commercial interests (often called the corporate elite) use fear, sex, and/or danger (common methods to persuade, influence emotions and gain trust) to scare or entice unsuspecting consumers into believing that industrial processed foods, unnecessary material possessions and chemical prescription drugs, are necessary for you to be happy and healthy.

When you understand how mass hypnosis takes place, you can be better prepared when you are exposed to public manipulation. Question everything. Especially your Kilr Kravings. How do you know if your Kilr Kravings are serving you? Look at your body. Are you in good health? Do you have healthy relationships? Do you buy only what you need? Are you kind to yourself, others and the planet? Does your life work?

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