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More Than a Pretty Face

Nails $60 Haircut & Color $140 Make up $50 Clothes $300 Food $? As cheap as possible.

This is what people have to say when the conversation centers on eating healthy food vs. junk food: “It’s expensive to eat healthy. Besides organic food isn’t worth it. I’ve heard it isn’t any better than processed food. Convenience food works for me and my family likes it.”

Your outside may look pretty, but what is all the “fake” food doing to your inside? Your mental and physical health will always reflect what you’re putting into your body.

Rick, my partner & designer of this website says, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” He did it plenty of times when remodeling homes. His clients wanted the home to look better on the outside, even though the structure or foundation was inferior.

The so-called "diseases" affecting Westerners- and those who’ve adopted the Standard American Diet- are nothing more than malnutrition and toxicity. And if you’re one of the many with metabolic syndrome you can thank the processed foods industry.

These conditions put you at risk for diabetes and heart disease:

High blood pressure

High blood sugar

High levels of bad fats

Too much fat around your waist

The processed, convenience food era has created an entire society where all but a few are plagued with life threatening disorders. Even children are affected at a very young age.

Next time you spend an hour or more on your hair, face, etc., and then rush out to pick up a burger or pizza, think about what that food is doing to your mind and body, and your children, if you're a parent.

You may think you can’t afford wholesome food now, but I guarantee you’ll wish you had. Your health is priceless, and it costs a lot more to be sick than it does to be healthy. Consider this: 643,000 Americans declare bankruptcy over medical bills every year. As of this writing, hospitals are the only debt collector that can legally steal a person’s home for unpaid medical bills.

Beauty fades. Poor health, well, it generally ends badly. And if you think you’ll get healed with a magical drug while you continue to eat poorly, think again.

You cannot solve a problem (illness) at the level to which it was created (eating processed food).

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