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Why Happiness?

Some crave money. Others love. We all crave something. Our cravings can drive us to madness: often keeping us confused and distracted. Some of us crave money and believe it is the end all to everything; the means to the end. Money, the ultimate craving reliever, or is it?

Do you crave or long for the perfect partner or perhaps better health, thinking they’ll make you happy or your life easier?

I’ve pondered these questions over the years and after decades of “soul searching,” I realized the answer to all my problems, my killer cravings, could be summed up in one word, happiness.

What I craved and hungered for was driving my incessant desire, my desperate search for happiness.

And because I, like most people, had been taught that external forces such as material possessions, food, drugs, alcohol, and people, were the source of happiness, my life was a constant pursuit that kept me hungry and dissatisfied.

Gradually, I woke up. I realized all my killer cravings were not only unhealthy distractions, but messages that brought me to a deeper level of self understanding. My cravings were pushing me to discover my gifts and talents and share them with the world.

Killer cravings, they’ll bring you to the edge or they’ll push you over the edge, beyond reason, beyond happiness.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the accommodating…

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