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From Fab to Rehab

How do you go from fab to rehab? One killer craving at a time. Fast food, fast cars, fab home, fab stuff, and more stuff. Fast living is fun for a while, but that fab lifestyle could lead to rehab. Which might be a good thing, and it just might save your life.

How do you know if you're headed for rehab?

The best and easiest way to know how your killer cravings are affecting your life is to look at the state of your health, your finances and every other relationship in your life. Take inventory of what's working and what isn't. If you're an addict, you’ll be waging war with a demon that wants nothing more than to hold you hostage and satisfy your physical or emotional demands.

The dark side of your killer cravings? They will make you sick; physically, emotionally and often, financially. Killer cravings can ruin you, and they just might kill you.

Little Debbie Was Her Little Demon

I once read of a woman who was so obsessed with Little Debbie snacks she stashed them throughout her home, and took them wherever she went. Those snacks ruined her health and made her life miserable. Her years of eating high-calorie, highly processed foods, had changed her brain. She craved pizzas, fries, and sweets instead of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, her story ended well.

Killer Cravings Are No Accident

According to Susan Roberts, senior scientist at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, “Most of America has problems controlling their food.”

Seems a lot of us have problems controlling most every facet of our lives. It isn’t by chance, or fate that most of the developing world is struggling with prioritizing their values. The so-called “civilized world,” has fallen into a deep sleep. Much like the Matrix, the vast majority has been seduced and manipulated by unscrupulous corporations.The public mind has become so preoccupied with consumerism they are oblivious to the mass genocide masterminded by unethical corporations that think of nothing but their shareholder’s profits.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the masses has created a legacy of fear, sickness and war.

Tips to regain mind control:

First and foremost, TURN OFF THE TELEVISION.

Television is the number one method of subliminal brainwashing. If you must watch, MUTE the commercials and watch uplifting programs; any show that makes you feel good. Shows that make you angry, scared or confused need to be avoided at all costs.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Your health should ALWAYS be your first priority. Without it you have nothing. Don’t skimp on healthy, organic food thinking it’s too expensive. Getting ill is much more expensive in the long run. Check out Eating to Live for the scoop on “real food.”

Get real. You can’t buy happiness. The illusion of happiness from eating junk food (and buying material possessions) is always short-lived. It’s just your brain tricking you. If you’re going into debt, or accumulating stuff that is sitting around in closets and drawers, STOP. It won’t end well.

Rehab at Home

You don’t have to leave your home or pay thousands of dollars to get “rehabbed.” It’s all a matter of making up your mind to quit your craving, your obsession.

Your rehab starts when you begin to “change your brain.” We have lots of resources and suggest you check out “Food Guilt No More: Tame Your Cravings and Eat Your Way to Happiness.” You could go to an expensive rehab center for addicts, but in the end, if you don’t decide to change, your brain won’t either. Addictions can be a challenge, I know. I’ve had several in my lifetime and each day I thank God for my freedom. That’s what true freedom is; thinking for yourself and not as a gimp for your addiction demon.

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