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Good Profit, Bad Profit: Who Profits Most?

Everyone benefits from profits. But what happens when the profit is at your expense? How do you know if you’re gaining or losing? I always say, “The proof is in the pudding.”

We all want to gain something, except weight of course. Unless you happen to be the rare individual who can eat anything and never gain an ounce.

Do you profit when you buy something that does more harm than good? How would you know if it’s harming or helping if you can’t see it, until it’s too late… . Your “bad profits” take from you and do not give. Nothing worthwhile anyway. There’s a momentary high after buying an expensive gadget you didn’t need, until the newness wears off and you realize you’ve wasted precious, hard earned money.

The most common "killer" craving is food. Junk food to be exact. You may think you’re profiting by the way it excites your brain and rewards you with feel good chemicals, but what about your health and pocketbook? Can you profit by an experience that eventually causes “dis-ease?” Have you made the connection between consuming industrial food as a Junk Foodie and misery, sickness and medical bills? (1 in 3 Americans have this title.)

And who will profit when you get sick? Your doctor, the hospital, the pharmaceutical companies? Good profits are those of the beholder. Your stomach share as a junk foodaholic is cleverly monitored by the commercial food industry and its shareholders. Chances are you're NOT even aware that you’re one of millions being led astray.

The advertising industry uses ingenious tactics from a century old playbook to manipulate you into wanting something so bad you’d risk your life; eating junk food, cleaning with toxic, untested chemicals, taking poisonous drugs disguised as medicine, and selling your soul by going into debt for something you don’t actually need.

You can profit, and profit well, when you know where to invest. Invest in your health and you’ll reap an abundance of wealth.

Killer Kravings: The good, the bad, the highly profitable…

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