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Why You Should Skip the New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time again. The New Year. Time to drag out last year’s resolutions. Hmm, how'd it work out for ya? If you’re like most people, not very well.

Why is it, no matter how great our intentions, we usually fall flat on our faces, cursing ourselves for making our “new resolution” public? Vowing not to do that again next year.

I’ve come to think of resolutions as a recipe for disaster. Really, how many people do YOU know, who actually follow through and keep their New Year's promise?

Why not make a “New You” resolution? Forget tradition. It didn’t work then and doesn’t work now.

Change Your Mind

You can change your old bad habits just by making up your mind. Decide you’ve had enough and NOW would be a really good time to get it together. No matter what you want to change or make better in your life, it all starts with one thought… “What do I want?” Whether it’s kicking a destructive killer kravings like a junk food diet, or the mindless consumption of needless stuff, you have the power to change anything in your life that is not serving you.

Fortunately, MANY have gone before you and you needn’t re-invent the wheel. If your diet & lifestyle are out of whack, there’s hope and there’s help.

Here’s a few handy tips and links to get you started:

Practice Self-Awareness

Be aware of your thoughts. Don’t let your mind lead you astray; keep your thoughts in check. Avoid negative thoughts of the ego. You know the ones: “You can eat that, it’s not that bad,” or, “I’ll start exercising tomorrow…” You get the picture. Your ego might protect you when you’re in danger, but it can also sabotage your health and happiness with its destructive desires.

Find Something You Love to Do and Make it a Daily Practice

Start a practice. Meditation, yoga, daily walking, anything you enjoy that will enhance and benefit your life. Keep looking until you find something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Stop Complaining

Complaining is just a negative habit. It does you no good and keeps you from the good stuff that you want and need. Turn off negative television shows and commercials, they're brainwashing you!!

Look for things to be grateful for. Being grateful makes you feel good and brings more good stuff to you. Try it for one day. Then one week.You’ll be amazed at what shows up in your life.

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Hope & Help

Free Your Mind- Release yourself of thoughts that destroy you.

Sense of Purpose- Why Are You Here? Hint: It’s not to eat crap food, buy stuff you don’t need or pollute your mind with garbage.

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