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Eat Less, Weigh More?

What the f*&?! How can it be? Why can’t I lose weight? I’m eating hardly anything. No I didn’t give up my favorite junk food, but I did buy a smaller bag…

Why do I weigh more this week than when I started my “diet?!” “This is crazy,” I thought. After all, I even started walking, though most evenings I stop for a small dish of my favorite frozen yogurt.

That was almost 30 years ago. Since then I’ve learned a lot. For starters, I DON’T DIET. It’s just another nasty 4 letter word. That frozen “healthy yogurt" I was eating? Crap. Fat laden sugary goo masquerading as health food. Pretty much like the yogurt y’all are buying at the grocery store.

My best weight loss secret? DON’T DIET!!! Diets don’t work.

The body needs about 90 nutrients to stay healthy. Think you can do that eating anti-nutrient junk food and a few over cooked vegetables? Never happen.

To lose weight and maintain a healthy body you’ve got to get your diet right. Eat healthy foods and drink lots of good water. If you’re opting for soft drinks or fruit juices instead of water, you'll never lose weight. Your body sees it as sugar and turns it into fat.

Without water and healthy organic food, you’re starving yourself to death. Starvation brings dis-ease. “Dis-Eases” with names like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol. All symptoms of malnutrition or nutritional wasting.

There’s lots of great cookbooks and articles over at Eden’s Corner to help you on your wellness journey. Getting healthy isn’t rocket science. It’s dedication and self-preservation.

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