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Is Your Gut Making You Eat That Cupcake?

Is Your Gut Making You Eat That Cupcake

Is it your mind or your stomach that is craving junk food? Could your gut be talking to your brain? Who really makes our food choices?

We think it’s the brain. Could it be you have a second brain?

It's stranger than fiction… And yes, it’s true, you have two brains! They may not look the same “exactly,” but they definitely talk to each other. Have you guessed where your second brain is? I’ll give you a hint, we’re talking about food... Remember your gut and the cupcake?

Well, scientists have figured out there’s conversation between the brain in our heads and the one in the walls of our stomachs. It gets even weirder... And even though your second brain doesn’t do the logical stuff the ‘head brain’ does, like making lists, analyzing data, etc., the brain in your stomach does do some pretty amazing stuff. It can influence your food choices, your mood (including happiness or depression), what illnesses you get, and more.

Did I say it gets weirder? Okay, this is even harder to believe. Your gut bacteria wants you to eat certain things. Some crave sugar, some fat. Now you know why you love potato chips or dark chocolate. Gut flora that is out of whack, meaning you have too much of the bad stuff, can make you angry, anxious and cause digestive issues including irritable bowel syndrome.

There are distinct battle lines being drawn in the gut. Good vs. evil. Who will win? That depends on you and your second brain. You can alter your stomach’s thoughts if you want. And I suppose you would only want to if you have mental or physical problems, right?

Want to Improve Your Overall Health?

Feed your second brain. Not with mental calisthenics, gut food. Your friendly bacteria need food. Healthy food.

First thing you’ve got to do is cut out the junk food. Processed food is loaded with sugars. Bad bacteria love sugar and thrive on it. Worst of all, it’s ruining the health of your second brain.

Your friendly gut bacteria need a diet rich in fiber. Dietary fiber found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. Remember the stuff nature made for us?

Processed foods are dead foods that feed your bad bacteria -making your 2nd brain sick and unable to communicate with your main brain- and contribute to obesity, diabetes, and put you at risk for an array of chronic diseases.

How do you know if your second brain is impaired? You’ll feel it in your gut and your head. Stomach issues, foggy brain, cravings for junk food, the list goes on…

Second thing you must do if you want a healthy second brain:

Eat a whole food diet

Nourish your gut flora with healthy foods.

Supplement with quality probiotics

“Pro-biotics” are new friends for the ones already in there.

Eat fermented foods.

Get to know your microbiome, there’s an amazing world inside you… And your brain depends on it!

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