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Skinny What?!

Skinny Jeans Don't Make You Look Skinny Sign

Skinny Pop. Skinny Cow. Skinny Jeans. What the…? Could skinny be the new normal? Normal. What’s that?

We’ve got all this “skinny stuff,” but is it making us any skinnier? Or is it just another clever advertising ruse to trick us into thinking we’ll look and feel thinner? Really, who wants to be skinny anyway? I’ll settle for fit and feeling good.

The tall and skinny are few among us in this “civilized world.” There’s just too much food that tastes so good and is irresistibly addictive. And what's more, you’ll play hell getting off the stuff. Crack in a pretty package…

What do cows, popcorn and jeans have to do with skinny anyway? Have you ever seen a skinny cow? How about skinny popcorn? And those jeans? Good God. What were they thinking? Skinny legged jeans don’t flatter a figure unless you’re thin all over. It’s right up there with the Emperor’s new $300 jeans. Oh, what tangled webs they weave, when they attempt (and succeed!) to deceive

But what do I know? I’m breathing a sigh of relief because bell bottoms are finally back and I don’t have to wait for them to hit the thrift stores. (Not that I prefer retail. I’m a penny pincher from way back.) No skinny, boot cut, stove top cut jeans for me. My casual physique loves comfort; hip hugging, bell bottom blues, all the way.

And what about low-fat skinny yogurt? Garbage. Skinny popcorn? While the name brand stuff isn't the worst processed food you could eat, ( gives it an A-) but why not make your own popcorn for pennies? Easy schmeesy… I always make my own for the movie theater, I know, it's taboo, but I just can't eat that garbage they pass off as popcorn.

Skinny, low-fat food is a con job that millions are falling for. Low-fat, no fat, skinny? No such thing. Try it for a while, see how well your skinny works…

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the not-so-skinny…

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