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Hurry to Come, Hurry to Go

Party blowing confetti, Hurry to come, hurry to go.

We crave excitement, the anticipation and thrill of the next party.

We want to “go somewhere.” Do something, anything to get that “feel good” sensation.

We are born to party… To have fun. To get together with our people and friends.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Unless…

You’re “living to party,” and “forgetting to live…”

What do you do when there’s no upcoming game, event, or party? No weekend excitement to look forward to- your house is a mess and the lawn needs mowing- even the celebratory junk food and tv entertainment seems dull and it’s bringing you down...

When you’re living for tomorrow, you’re dying today. You’re missing out on the good stuff. The moments you could be creating if you weren’t so obsessed with tomorrow or the weekend.

Some folks I know are never home. And while socializing can be emotionally beneficial, it should never come at the expense of your sanity. You know, that underlying feeling that you’re not “getting it" or "keeping it", all together. Your house is a wreck. Your body is on the downside from too much partying and not enough good stuff like real food and sleep.

Taking care of business is not fulfilling your social commitments or “getting a deal” at the store. It's doing what makes you feel good for the long haul. Accomplishing necessary life tasks. Organizing your home; getting your food/diet/lifestyle on a healthy bent, and most of all, taking care of you.

You are the most important event in your life. And if you don’t tend to you, well, it won’t end well. If you think you may be part of the herd, and you want to break free… Check these out:

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