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Everywhere I go, people are asking the same question, "What should I eat?" I figured it's time to talk about just that. Come with me and we'll walk this road together.

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Good, the Bad & the Ugly


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Science Proves: Fruits & Veggies Do More Harm Than Good


Most will agree, a diet high in fruits and vegetables is healthy, right?

Mama’s used to say, “Eat your vegetables!” That was then, this is now.


It’s a whole new story today.


Scientists are debunking commonly held beliefs around fruits & veggies, illness and aging but you won't hear it on the news

(Read: Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D or Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra, M.D. – you’re in for a real mindbender.)


So why on earth should you rethink the planet’s best food and Nature’s greatest form of medicine?


Because the fruits and vegetables you’re probably eating are killing you, albeit, it's a slow death by malnutrition and toxicity.


“How can this be?” you ask. It may come as a shock to learn that the majority of produce grown in the USA (and other parts of the globe) is poisonous and so deficient in minerals it literally causes nutritional wasting. 


In addition to being poisoned, every time you eat conventionally grown produce, you are supporting “Corporate Welfare.” Yep, due to corrupt government/industry collusion, your tax dollars heavily subsidize wealthy chemical farms to the tune of over a billion dollars a year (in the USA).


Next time you look at naturally grown, organic produce and feel the “sticker shock,” remember conventional, chemically grown produce costs much more than the cheap price you think you’re getting.


"Cheaper" Produce Costs A Lot More Than Money


Pollution to the earth (soil), air, water sources including lakes, streams and the ocean

Damage to  Environment & Wildlife

Poisons Farmworkers and surrounding communities

Significantly Contributes to Healthcare costs. (aka sick care management – Business with Disease) Nutritional deficiency leads to “dis-eases,” commonly known as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more.

Next time you eat your vegetables remember, Nature/God created our food to be our medicine and our medicine to be our food.


Still not convinced? Want to hear some interesting stories? 


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Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the WTF?!

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