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A Kilr Kraving That Gets Me, Every Time

A Kraving That Gets Me, Every Time

I used to be addicted to addictions. And If you’ve read my Kilr Kravings blogs, you know I am not a prude.

Like many others, I have stumbled along for decades on a rudderless road that often led to unhappiness and ruin.

I don’t believe in accidents or chance. Miracles, yes. I am a miracle. (That's another story.) What I do believe in, is My Self. Not the person you can see, hear or touch, but my authentic Self. The only one that really matters. The unseen, the unnoticed, the unknown.

Stay with me here. We're getting to the point, I promise.

In the past, my Kilr Kravings did not serve me. In fact, they almost killed me.

Your Kilr Kraving can make or break you. It doesn't have to rule your life or send you to the poor house. The great thing about them is that they’re yours. No one gave them to you without your consent and the beauty of the human mind is having free will. And because you have free will, when you know better, you can do better.

Your Kilr Kraving can be your saving grace. Mine saved my sanity and my life many times. You may think it’s crazy new age stuff, or impossible to learn, but it isn’t.

Before I reveal what it is, let me tell you what it does.

It's more satisfying than a bag of your favorite cookies or chips. It feels better than getting numbed by alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

And incredibly, it will blow your mind, literally. It has the power to rewire your brain and the potential to create a life you may have never dreamed of.

What is it?

Meditation. It’s a Kilr Kraving we call, a “humdinger.”

Before you make snap judgments or poo poo it, challenge yourself and read here.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the mind-blower...

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