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Are You a Sheeple?

Breaking from the herd is never easy. Your tribe of friends and family will make it virtually impossible. The herd instinct is powerfully strong among the human animal (sheeple). And thanks to some ingenious psychological manipulation, the masses have fallen into a trance.

Herded by a company of nefarious individuals whose sole intent is lining their pockets and those of their shareholders. Immoral, possessing no conscience, they stand by rubbing their palms together as the world is poisoned by their processed food, toxic medicine and other unregulated chemicals.

There’s a lot of conspiracy talk about the New World Order and their plot to get the population in check, but we won’t go there. For now.

Proof is in the Pudding

Twenty years ago, people weren’t dropping like flies. In fact, there was no obesity epidemic and cancer happened to “other people.”

Today the state of health in the U.S. and in countries that have adopted the West’s values and beliefs, is bleak. The vast majority are sick, dying or dead. We know why it happened. Same old story that’s been told for a millennium; selfish ambition lead to corruption and greed. Profits surpassed compassion for humanity and the environment.

HOW on earth could millions of people become seduced by slick marketing tactics and not have a clue they’re being duped?! How in the world could a handful of men take over our medicine and food?!

What’s more amazing is that they’ve done it so well, few are the wiser. Only a small group of people we call " Fringe Dwellers" realize the values and beliefs of the public mind have been molded and manipulated to serve the profits of a few, known as the corporate elite.

The corporate elite orchestrates everything (with regards to profit) in this world. They have some very good teachers. In fact, they still use the ‘Bernays Playbook’ today. It is the model by which all despicable corporations design their brainwashing campaigns.

Sound too incredible to believe? Look at the facts. You decide. You can be a sheeple and continue down the pointless and treacherous road of the herded masses or you can WAKE UP, save yourself, live free as a Fringe Dweller.

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