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Are You Lured by Artificial Passions?

Smoking, Drinking, Lured by Artificial Passion

Humans are passionate by nature. We lust for anything that drives our emotions into states of ecstasy.

Ecstasy that lifts us up beyond the ordinary, into unimaginable heights we could never fathom with our “rational” minds.

Artificial passions are rarely rational.

And certainly not anything we plan, fantasize or hope for.

The lure is more of an ambush...

A chemical de-sensitization with such appeal we are willing to risk life and limb. Literally.

Paradoxically, we are suspicious of the world, while naively we eat force fed lies… Lies that are killing us.

How are we deluded with such cunning and prowess?

One word. And it started it all. Hell, it’s what drives most of the world (and your subconscious mind). The manipulation seeps insidiously into our subconscious brain.

What is the word, you ask? PROPAGANDA.

For the uninitiated, it’s virtually everything you’ve been taught or thought to be true. It’s the conversation that’s been around for so long we assume it is gospel. No one questions it. No one cares if it’s right or wrong.

Why? Because it fills the need that feeds artificial passions.

Needful things that dull the mind and body; destroy the will, repress the spirit, and chances for…

What Happened to Our Will to Survive?

We have forgotten truths. Truths that kept us surviving and thriving.

Humanity is at a crossroads.

You can take back your power and control, when you understand what is happening and why. This will lead you to the path that may save you. If there’s time and you are willing...

Kilr Kravings: The Good, the Bad, the Artificially Induced…

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