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Can Healthy Kilr Kravings Poison You?

Can Healthy Cravings Poison you?

It may sound healthy. Especially if others are doing it. And if you still believe what you hear on television, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Could it be your “healthy kilr kravings” are doing more harm than good? Does healthy mean eating carrot sticks, drinking expensive water or visiting a sweat lodge?

Before you go vegan,venture into a sweat lodge or try one of those detox in a box kits, consider this:

Your body is extremely toxic. Overburdened with heavy metals, chemicals and more. EVERYONE is full of contaminants. Many of them lead to cancers, heart disease, diabetes and death.

I can tell you from experience that detoxing is a great way to cleanse the body, BUT, there’s no sense going through it, if you’re not gonna clean up your home, yard, and your diet.

Why spend the money and go through the hell (as toxins are flushed from the body, you may experience flu-like symptoms) of getting cleaned out when you’re just re-polluting yourself?


Healthy foods, even organic, ain’t what they used to be. And if a label reads “Natural,” PUT IT BACK. It's most likely not fit for human or animal consumption.

Kilr Kravings followers know my blogs often focus on the manipulation and deception used by ruthless profiteers to gain “stomach shares” of the naïve masses.

What Are You Drinking?

Most people live in cities or towns where water is heavily treated with chemicals. Because of this, we’re being poisoned every time we turn on the tap to cook, shower, bathe and get a sip of water. Fortunately, your water can be filtered and there’s an easy no cost way to find out just what’s lurking in your tap water.

Personal Care Products

We’re a beauty obsessed nation. What good is looking good, if you’re setting yourself up for cancer and other dangerous toxicity diseases? Cosmetics are some of the worst offenders on the planet. Many have lead and mercury. and while there are no "acceptable levels", they often exceed amounts considered toxic, even to the U.S. EPA.

Ecco Bella cosmetics were created with integrity and compassion for you and the health of the planet. Eden's Corner shares their mission and philosophy that respects you and the earth.

Skip the Antiperspirant

Your body’s ability to sweat makes it a perfect detoxification system. Does your sweat stink? That’s the toxic garbage coming out, although in some cases it may be caused by nervousness.

Here’s some great tips to go au natural, and avoid aluminum (a neurotoxin) and other poisonous ingredients from getting into your body.

Sadly, children’s personal care products have some of the most toxic chemicals. If it’s advertised on television you can bet it’s NOT good for your child. This popular brand of baby products causes allergies, immunotoxicity, irritates skin, eyes or lungs and is toxic to the organs. Does this sound safe and gentle? They tell you on television it is. You’ll never hear that every year they pay out millions in lawsuits to families sickened, maimed or killed by their “safe” products.

Suntan Lotion: Causing Cancer?! Looks that way. It’s killing the ocean’s coral reefs, too. Here’s some lotion that will not poison to protect you. You’ll also learn why suntan lotion can be detrimental to the skeletal development of children.

Cleaning Products (If you value your life and that of your family, read this) Fumes from toxic chemicals often poison children and pets. 84,000 untested and unregulated chemicals in the U.S. should be enough to make you wonder, what the hell? And we wonder why cancer and death rates are so high.

Pregnant women and children are especially susceptible to chemicals on every level, including those in commercially processed foods, which comprises approximately 80% of the food-like products found in most grocery stores.

Yard/Lawn-Care Products

We all want a beautiful yard and lawn. And most of us just don’t know that chemicals harm us and the environment. How can we when the misinformation (media) comes from the very companies that make the noxious stuff? Virtually every product you buy is poisoning you, your family, pets, the earth and your groundwater. When you make the transition to organic growing, you’ll find it’s much less expensive and safer to work with nature as opposed to working against her.

Pets: Not Immune to Killer Kravings

Even our beloved pets have fallen victim to “healthy kilr kravings.” Pet food commercials portraying happy pets have sucked us in. They do not reveal the shocking truth behind their “healthy” & “tastes your pet will crave” garbage they pawn off as nutritious pet food.

Commercial pet food is dangerous to your pet.

The Big Food Giants, in collusion with Big Pharma have discovered that by selling toxic, nutritionally deficient pet food, they can profit from our pets suffering and sickness by prescribing the same toxic, and useless “poisonous medicines” to our pets. Here’s what vets with integrity have to say about the commercial food industry.

Poisons Kill More Than Your Body…

Toxic chemicals in foods and all the other stuff you put on your body are just the half of it. Your first route of poison starts in your mind… Toxic thoughts create toxic choices that poison your body. Your toxic body then pollutes your brain/mind. It destroys your rational thinking and kills your hopes, dreams and your future

What More Can You Do?

LEARN. You’ll never hear the truth listening to the evening news. Or virtually anything on mainstream television for that matter. The folks that own the media are the same groups that are selling you the cleaning products, convenience junk foods, so-called “medicine” and all the other stuff you think you need/want/desire to make your life easier, tastier, healthier and happier. It’s deceptive marketing and most everyone has bought into the lies.

The general public who, by no direct fault of their own, have been herded like sheep through hypnotic rhythm- consistent subliminal brainwashing via media.

Unscrupulous corporations have influenced values and beliefs that affect every facet of life; controlling our medicine,

food, and water (often with the dumbing down chemical, fluoride). Chemical poisons that cause disease and are killing much of the world today.

As Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) says in his groundbreaking new book, Food Forensics,

“Because your body is detoxing every second, the best strategy is avoidance of toxins.

Food Forensics by Mike Adams, Great Book

Avoidance” means avoiding continued exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals in your food, water, medicine, personal care products, home cleaning products, lawn-care products, pet-care products...”

Mike Adams is an award-winning investigative journalist and clean food activist. He is founder and editor of Natural one of the top health news websites in the world, reaching millions of readers each month.

His book will open your eyes to the health crisis that is crippling America and much of the world. And, most importantly, give you the power to take back your health and protect yourself from being another “statistic.”

Need a good water filter? Check out Eden's Favorite Picks, We’ve done the work for you.

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