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Can You Keep Your Cool?

Can You Keep Your Cool?

Are you known to be a hot toddy? Comfortable at 70 degrees?

Maybe you’re more of a cold fish. You know, your hands and feet stay icy until the weather reaches a balmy 85.

While some of us melt in the heat, others revel under a sunbaked sky...

My Sun God/Goddess friends are an enigma to me.

While I become lethargic under the scorching sun, they seem to come to life. Like a snake baking on a hot desert rock waiting for the heat to breathe them new life.

Are Your Kilr Kravings Heating You Up or Cooling You Down?

Years of observation and my keen interest in human behavior, has lead me to some curious findings.

What we “think of ourselves” will always be reflected

in how we “treat ourselves.”

What does Running Hot or Cool have to do with how you think of yourself? Everything.


Cold people in my experience, (some, not all) tend to be smokers, on the less active side (couch potatoes) and are forever waiting for the sun to shine. Miserable on cold rainy days, tropical paradise fantasies float through their heads...

Hot folks (that's me) revel in the cool weather. We can get quite testy when it gets hot, and those who know us are well aware we won't be found hiking the desert or sunbathing in summer. And while we love blue skies and sunshine, we prefer to take refuge from its scorching rays.

Your KILR KRAVINGS as you may know,

Can be a humdinger, or they can be a killer, literally.

Want to cool down or heat up? Try this:

DRINK WATER. Sounds simple enough. But most people don't drink what they need and suffer for it.

Your body’s temperature will be off, not to mention every other bodily function depend on it.

If you're dehydrated, you can forget staying cool. Think of a car's radiator.

Kick the Junk Food Habit. Junk food leads to malnutrition (nutritional wasting aka symptoms of chronic disease.) You know, all the ones they prescribe toxic patent drugs for.)

QUIT SMOKING. Smoking damages the blood vessels and prevents healthy oxygen from circulating your blood stream. Carbon monoxide replaces healthy blood cells and your body temp. goes way down. Think cold feet, hands...

MASTER YOUR MIND. What do your thoughts have to do with your ability to stay cool or warm? Everything. Your thoughts are creating your decisions and actions. And if you're still operating from the same mindset you acquired as a child, you really need to get on this one. You can't change you mind if you don't know how.

Check this out from well known researcher in brain science, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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