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Change Your Food, Change Your Life

Recently, while shopping for produce, I had some weak moments and some really bad thoughts. 2 ½ weeks into a 30-day juice fast and my resolve was slipping. I’ve said it before, but forgot my own advice, NEVER LEAVE the HOUSE HUNGRY! Especially to the grocery store. It’s a potential recipe for disaster.

As I walked the aisles, fresh baked bread filled my nostrils creating a sense of euphoria. I thought, “Maybe the smell will be enough.” I forced myself to walk away from that dream, to trudge on toward the produce aisle. Sorbets with fresh/frozen pineapple, blackberries, and breakfast smoothies filled with the ecstasy of summer’s fruit. And the watermelon… My winter’s dream…

I was determined not to let my mind boss me around and lead me astray. With produce in hand I hurriedly walked out feeling a sense of relief and satisfaction. I got away unscathed.

What happens when you commit to a healthy diet lifestyle and you find yourself starving, knee deep in processed foods calling out your name? You're absolutely high from anticipation of the buzz you’ll get when you devour the delicious flavors. Oh yes, the flavors. Flavors you Krave because they’re most likely addictive.

How do you create a healthy lifestyle when all you know is frozen pizza and packaged dinners? There’s hope and there’s good reason to save yourself.

Follow these tips and use the tools below to get started on your path to health freedom:

You have to want it BAD. You must decide that your good health is more important than anything else in the world. Your hunger must be driven by a strong sense of survival.

​Change your beliefs. Your beliefs are what created unhealthy food choices. Mind your mind. Start watching your thoughts about foods and any thoughts that don’t make you “feel” good have to be dismissed. Start saying positive things to yourself like, “I deserve to live a happy and healthy life,” or, “I love myself and intend to be fit and thriving.” TURN OFF the television, or at the very least, mute those brainwashing commercials!

Take action. There are programs out there. We do not advocate those that include processed foods or any pre-packaged foods. Convenience foods are not healthy and lead to disease. Good health starts with responsibility and unless you have a cook, you must learn to cook for yourself. When you begin to eat healthy foods you will Krave them. You will feel better, look better and take pride in yourself.

Here are some tools that have worked for many and provided you are committed, you too, will be successful.

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Books on Kindle/Amazon Fire

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Nourishing Traditions- Hundreds of comfort food recipes that are healthy and satisfying.

Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook- You’ll love the recipes and all the useful tips and advice as you create a healthier and better you!

“Believe in yourself and the power you have to control your life day to day.”


Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the redeemable...

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