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Christmas Party Time!

Christmas Part Time Feast!

Christmas parties can be a time of fun, excitement and heavy gorging.

What if you’re trying to watch your weight? Or perhaps, if you're like me, you're careful to avoid certain foods that don’t “sit well.”

Do you have a couple drinks, throw caution (aka good sense) to the wind, load your plate down, and shovel it in? Only to deal with the aftermath later?

You might. And I have to admit, I’ve been known to lose my mind now and then. Fortunately, my self-control was at an all-time high and the foods were primarily from the pig & cow groups. Not my favorite choices.

Now, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Mousse, they would have been more difficult to resist…

Fortunately, I remembered a good rule to follow for any potluck gathering. Bring something you like to eat, just in case…

My quinoa salad was perfect.

I had come away unscathed. Proud not to have succumbed to temptation. (Okay, I did eat some of the delicious bean dip. And the melt in your mouth mascarpone cheese, yum!)

Next time I may not be so lucky…

What’s that I hear, a knock at the door? Could it be our neighbor bestowing sugar-laden Christmas treats? OMG, there’s chocolate in there! Oh well, it is the sugar season!

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