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Don’t Mess with the Family Jewels

Don’t Mess with the Family Jewels

We guard our valuables as if our life depends on it. Oh, and yes it does.

The Family Jewels are priceless.

Whether yours are safely guarded behind lock and key, or hanging mid body… You guard them with your life. Coveting them doesn’t touch how valuable they are to you, and the sacrifices you will make for them.

What if your family jewels have been deceitfully outsourced to those who would profit from your suffering? Would you confront them? Defend your precious goods with your life?

What if you’re among the 99% who has been cleverly seduced and deceived? How would you know? You wouldn’t.

Unless you’re reading this…

When a group of health-minded scientists approached the Food Giants - those who bring you everything from spaghetti sauce to Oreos and Doritos – concerned that commercial junk food was causing obesity and contributing to American’s illness epidemic,

Big Food had this to say:

“We’re not going to screw around with the family jewels here and change the formulations because a bunch of guys in white coats are worried about obesity.” ~Michael Moss, Interview with the New York Times

The family jewels they guard, covet, and kill for are YOURS. Your priceless jewels that if you knew, you’d kill to preserve, to take back, redeem.

They are your body, your mind and your money.

Essentially, everything you own.

Can’t believe it’s happening to you? Ponder this...

If you’ve had the junk food addiction for a while, you’ve got one or more of the many “dis-orders” linked to processed food mania:

  1. Obesity.

  2. Chronic “dis-ease” - heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

  3. Emotional issues such as depression.

  4. “Living” consists of planning and eating your next meal. And any form of entertainment that involves lying on the couch staring at a screen.

  5. Patent drugs give you a false sense of security in your desperate attempt to “feel better.” Your savings are dwindling, and your ship is sinking more and more every day.

Industrial food is tainting, tarnishing and killing our family jewels. Jewels we treasure until they’ve been stolen. Once stolen, we wonder how the hell it happened.

Your addictive nature is cleverly disguised. Hidden behind television ads where healthy-looking people joyfully sing praises of potato chips, coke, and all the other killers of the American Dream.

Wake up America (and the rest of the world), while your jewels are still intact.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the terribly familiar…

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