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Good News About Your Bad Habits!

Good News About Your Bad Habits

We’d all like to believe there’s some redeeming qualities to our bad habits.

It’s easier to justify them and argue for our limitations. It helps us feel a bit better about something we know we should quit, but the kilr kraving won’t let us...

Coffee Virtues to the Rescue!

When the studies came out- media blasted over tv and radio waves- insisting coffee was healthy, the coffee hausers cheered.

“Thank goodness,” they said, “I could never give up my cherished cup of morning joe!” (And the afternoon cup, for those of you in the hardcore/adrenal gland exhausted crowd).

Similar to tobacco addiction, caffeine addiction regardless the source, (although I’ve read synthetic caffeine is not only wickedly difficult to quit, but quite dangerous as well) is a hard monkey to drop and like tobacco, overstimulates the body and manipulates the mind/ego.

‘Nough said. For more thoughts on its advantages and disadvantages (and you’re brave enough), discover what coffee is really doing to your body, go here.

Convenient Foods Help Me Manage My Life

You may not consider “convenience foods” to be bad habits. Why would you?

If you’ve had a lifetime of media propaganda coursing through your cerebral veins, your mind (values & beliefs) have been hijacked via television, radio, or the internet.

Convenience foods are touted as the busy person’s savior; cheap, quick and delicious. May I add the fact that they are NOT nutritious?Those in the dairy or meat group come complete with added chemicals in the form of hormones, GMO’s, antibiotics and lots of nasty stuff created in a lab. Did you know there are over 10,000 synthetic chemicals used in “food products?” None have been proven to be safe.

I understand the convenience factor. But are convenience foods really cheaper than “real food?”

Real food is expensive, right? Wrong…

Real food is the stuff your great grandparents ate & probably grew. You know, the food Nature/God created for our bodies in order to stay healthy and virtually free of disease.

Real food saves you A LOT more than just money.

How, you might ask?

In myriad ways.

Here’s a look at the high cost of food and how your convenience foods stock up to those made in nature.

Before you argue for your limitations, why not get a real cookbook (check out our favorites here) and for those of you that don't want a "book," check out Amazon's Fire Tablet for your laptop, kindle or other device. (Some books will even read to you!)

Discover what real food tastes like and the money (and your good health) you’ll save when your meal doesn't come in a can, box or package.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the deceptively ambiguous…

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