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Got Milk? Get Heart Disease!

For years, I heard “Milk, it does a body good.” When I saw a bumper sticker that read, "Got Milk? Get Heart Disease!"

I was dumbfounded.

I began to question the "Got Milk Campaign" that had us all drinking gallons of the stuff every week. Is milk healthy or is milk bad for you?

Years later the government decided we were getting too fat. The answer? Take the fat out of milk. Hmm. Sounded good in theory, but tasted awful. And it didn’t seem to make us any slimmer or healthier.

In the 80’s milk took a dangerous turn. It now had genetically modified hormones. It was tested in poor countries where it was proven to cause early onset of puberty in 9-year-old children.

No bother. Americans would drink it, “milk does a body good," right?

Does Milk Really Cause Heart Disease?

According to our research, science proves drinking cow's milk contributes to heart disease…

And you milk lovers, I know what you’re thinking, “I love milk and I need it for my bones!” You might love the taste, but if it’s not organic

it’s full of some real nasty stuff, like artificial Vitamin D, pus and more.

Raw looks to be the best. Pasteurization and homogenization do a bad number on dairy. As far as your bones go, milk can actually contribute to osteoporosis! Don’t shoot the messenger. See what the experts have to say in the article, "Hidden Truth in Your Bones."

Tell a Story Long Enough and We’ll Believe Anything

We have been conditioned to believe anything when we hear it long enough. It’s called subliminal brainwashing. And it works!

Here’s an example: You're at the grocery store and you spot a box of laundry soap. You don’t know why you feel compelled to buy it. Somehow you “believe” it’s really good and you need it. You don’t think about it, or question it. Your subconscious is doing the thinking for you.

Drink Diet Soda, It’s Better for You

That’s what some folks told a friend of mine for years. He had a hardcore Pepsi addiction and they were certain the sugar was going to kill him. When the news came in that aspartame is a neurotoxin, and kills brain cells along with a host of other health issues, he wasn’t surprised. How can artificial anything be good for you? If you’re still believing the media lies about ‘sugar-free’ being good for you, check this out, “Sweet Deception? The Bitter Side.”

Question Everything You Hear

(Your life depends on it.)

For decades, we've been mesmerized by clever salesmen. Brilliant mass manipulation that has us thinking it’s our idea to pollute our families with artificial food, our homes with toxic chemicals and our minds with hateful thoughts. The world has become what we have become. Disconnected from each other and from ourselves.

Turn off the television and radio folks. There is good news out there. You’ll find it when you're good and ready.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the highly influenced…


Weston A. Price Foundation

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