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How High Can You Go?

How High Can You Go?

Chasing a high or buzz can be a part time job or hobby, depending upon how you look at it.

Seems most of humanity is addicted to one thing or another and our

Kilr Kravings are the fuel that drives our motivation and often our


Feeling good is what we hope for…

…when we reach for that latte, cold brew, or painkiller- like a sociopath- we are blinded by the high and consequences come too late.

Your Kilr Kravings can literally kill you.

Or they can be a humdinger,The Best Thing in the World.

These addictions can make or break you:

Energy Drinks



Buying Shit You Don’t Need

Junk Food

Negative Thinking

What Can YOU Do?

Quit Junk Food for Good

Turn OFF the Tube! (At least mute the brainwashing commercials!)

Learn to Love Yourself

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the optional…


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 for the 


Good, the Bad & the Ugly


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Everywhere I go, people are asking the same question, "What should I eat?" I figured it's time to talk about just that. Come with me and we'll walk this road together.

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