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How to Break Free from Junk Food

How to Break Free from Junk Food and their Monopolies.

Breaking free is possible. However, if you’ve had the habit for a while don’t expect to stop anytime soon. No, your mind won’t let you. The addictive nature of junk food makes it virtually impossible to quit. Even when faced with life threatening illness, some are hard pressed to quit. So what can you do?

Take it one day at a time. Or should I say one bite at a time. Look, if you’re really serious about getting the garbage out of your diet you’ve got to clean your mental house first. Yea, you’ve got to start with your mind/thoughts.

Like I’ve said before,

“Food addiction is exactly like tobacco addiction.”

Let me clarify that, these bad habits are similar in the sense that every time you try and quit, your ego will give you a million reasons why you shouldn't. Common sense will inform you of all the reasons you should eat healthy, but the cleverly-disguised, friendly voice in your head- like the clown in Stephen King’s horror movie, “IT”- with its seductive allure, promises instant gratification and justification for poisoning and wreaking havoc on your body.

The Industrial Food Industry’s Role in America’s Health Crisis

They’ve known for a long time their destructive, industrial food is driving the health care crisis. Multinational food companies battle to maintain their “stomach shares,” while the evidence mounts and millions of adults and children become sick.

How to Break Free from Junk and their CEO's

In 1999, 11 CEO’s in charge of America’s largest food companies, including Kraft, Nabisco, Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, General Mills and Mars, held a meeting. Concerned CEO’s and food science experts presented their concerns over America’s growing weight dilemma.

James Behnke, an executive at Pillsbury, was hopeful about a plan that would address the growing concern of obese children suffering from diabetes and the earliest signs of hypertension and heart disease.

In addition to other CEO’s and food science experts, "they expressed a grim picture of the public's ability to cope with the industry's formulations — from the body's fragile controls on overeating to the hidden power of some processed foods to make people feel hungrier still. It was time, he and a handful of others felt, to warn the C.E.O.'s that their companies may have gone too far in creating and marketing products that posed the greatest health concerns." [Despite the overwhelming data, CEO's caring only for their shareholder’s profits and their jobs, had this to say], “We’re not going to screw around with the family jewels here and change the formulations because a bunch of guys in white coats are worried about obesity.” -New York Times interview with Michael Moss

While the phrase “junk food” most likely ushers in images of snack foods like chips and cookies, pizza, etc., did you know one of the most toxic junk foods is processed meats?

The World Cancer Research Fund International

came to the following conclusion:

"There is strong evidence that processed meats are causes of bowel cancer, and that there is no amount of processed meat that can be confidently shown not to increase risk.

Try to avoid processed meats such as bacon, ham, salami, corned beef and some sausages."

Another reason to shop local farms. On rare occasions I’ll source uncured, hormone and antibiotic-free bacon from one of our grocery stores. It has to be kept frozen, because unlike processed meat which will last for weeks in your fridge, uncured meats will spoil in days.

Here's the good news…

YOU are an incredible person. You were created with an innate sense of survival and you’re capable of anything you set your mind to. You can break free of the bonds of junk food slavery. One thought, one bite, one meal at a time.

For help with your junk food habit start reading everything you can find about junk food addiction and living a healthy

lifestyle. Discover YouTube videos that educate.

Visit people that are sick and overweight. Sometimes the stark contrast of knowing what you don't want, makes it easier to see what it is you do want. Such as a long and healthy life.

You’ve got to get “good stuff” in your subconscious mind in order to begin making conscious health choices. Peruse the resources below. Print them out. Study every day. You deserve it, and your very life depends on it!

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The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food Mercola, M.D.

The World Cancer Research Fund International


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