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How to Curb Your Kravings

Woman in pink hair attempting to curb her kravings.

You know there’s an issue because something just ain’t right. The craving, the incessant desire for bad food, entertainment, shoes… You know you got it bad cause you can’t quit. Maybe you haven’t tried.

Any sane person CAN curb their cravings. The first step? One thought. That’s all it takes and you’ll be on your way to success. What is it? How bad do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to give up your cravings? You’re already sacrificing your health if you’re a food junkie. You know who you are. You’ve got the prescription meds or allergies to prove it. Maybe your sacrifice comes in the form of your sanity. Are you a shopaholic, spending your way to the poor house or funny farm?

3 Signs You’ve Got It Bad

You come home from the grocery store to find you have nothing for dinner. Your trance monkey has shopped for you and it’s all junk.

You see a huge sale at the mall. Mesmerized by the 50% off signs, you purchase clothing you do not need.

Your pantry, closets and garage are filled with junk, stuff that’s keeping you sick, overwhelmed or broke.

Tips from an Ex-Shopaholic/Carbaholic

I had it bad once. $300 a month shopping addiction. Years ago, that money bought A LOT of crap.

Food? It wasn’t nearly as bad back then. But it was still pretty shitty. I thought frozen yogurt was a health food. Carbs were served at every meal. (Nothing was better pasta.) I didn’t know carbs=sugar=fat.


Before shelling out one more penny, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Imagine yourself with it at home. How long before it becomes closet fodder? Or worse, destined for the ocean and land polluted garbage dump (called Mother Earth).

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Could it be you’ve seen it a zillion times on television, or maybe your best bud or neighbor has one? Perhaps reassessing your values is in order.

And ladies, how many pairs of shoes do you need? I don’t care how many outfits they accessorize, it’s criminal. Don’t you know there are starving children in the world?!


This is a big one. If you've read my Kilr Kravings blogs about junk food, you know the commercial food industry has literally hooked millions of people with their food-like products. (Thanks to their deceptive, brainwashing commercials!) Poisoning and fueling the sickcare crisis with no end in sight. Chemicals that taste good, chemicals that light up your brain, chemicals that kill. There are some great tips below for those of you looking to get off the stuff for good.

How Kilr Kravings Get Out of Hand

It starts with an innocent cookie. The cookie tastes like more and before you know it, you’ve devoured the entire bag.

It works that way with everything else too. Get a taste for pretty clothes and the hunt is on.

New tech gadgets. Is it curiosity or boredom that makes them so attractive?

Couch potato syndrome. Typically, those who hate their lives tend to eat crap food and watch crap television.

It’s a dumbed down situation any way you look at it.

What You Can Do

Be honest with yourself. Do you think you’re just a meat suit disguised as a human garbage can or professional shopper? Is there a tiny inkling inside of you saying, “There’s got to be more to life than this?” or, “Why am I Here?”

If you knew, you’d waste no time cleaning up your act. What’s waiting for you will blow your mind. Ready to glimpse into and beyond the world of the Kilr Kraver?

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