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Is Your Food Making You Angry?

Is Your Food Making You Angry

Comfort food. We love it because the wonderful memories it brings…

Thanksgiving desserts. Mom’s (or Grandma’s) Sunday dinners.

Ice cream making with family… Does that sound like "angry food?"

Comfort foods make us “comfortable.” Or do they? Is it the memories or the actual food?

Let's look at a typical American Sunday dinner. (This was my grandma's for many years.)

Fried chicken. Usually cooked in lard, bacon grease or Crisco!

Mashed potatoes and LOTS of gravy (don't skimp on the gravy).

Fresh veggies from grandma's garden or, if you're a typical American, canned corn, peas or green beans; typical canned veggies unwitting Americans eat, thinking they're healthy.

While those "comfort foods" may taste good, they're certainly not healthy. Especially today...

But how can these foods (and the much anticipated sugary dessert to follow) make you angry?

There's a science behind it, but really,

the Proof is in the Pudding. After you eat a big greasy meal are you raring to go for a walk or do anything that requires physical activity?

Do you run to the bathroom or swallow down antacids? If that's you, you'd better read this..


Maybe not a full-fledged road rage alert, but you're gonna be pissed at yourself for eating so much and being a gluttonous pig. (You say it tasted like more?)

The only thing left to do is crash on the couch, your easy chair, or waddle off to bed. Swearing you won't do that again.

Until the next time when temporary amnesia sets in and your brain is sending anticipatory sensations that make you high (oh yes, your brain has taught your body well).

There's a chemical reaction that gives you a sense of euphoria, especially if you eating industrial food.

Potatoes from a box, commercially raised chicken,

heart stopping shortening, and topping it all off, store-bought dessert. Hey, even Mom's sugary dessert can shorten your life.

All that food sends your body into toxic shock mode. Your food is literally making your body angry. Inflamed, it responds with pain;

causing inflammation and creating "dis-ease." And you thought it was "natural/normal" to get high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Making matters worse (and creating more dis-eases) you believe you can keep eating the stuff because you're taking drugs.

And you thought you had problems, it gets worse...

Stay on pharmaceutical drugs long enough and your body will be so toxic (and even more malnourished) you'll get cancer, or some other chronic disease. your life will be a bloody hell.

You just might be one of the lucky ones... You have discovered the truth, just in time.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the angry...

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