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Kilr Kravings Killing Your Dreams?

What are you going to be when YOU grow up? What are your dreams of the future? Everyone remembers adults posing such questions. Most find their dreams long forgotten as the daily grind steals hope and passion.

Have your kilr kravings killed your dreams? Are you living a life of unfulfilled potential, numbing your mind and body with food, drugs, and mindless entertainment? Do you feel an underlying sense that something isn’t quite right, as you blame the world for your problems?

Evil Twin is Your Dream Killer

Your evil twin feeds off your ego’s desires; cravings, attempting to fill an empty void. A void that festers and spawns anger, frustration and illness.

It keeps you busy, distracted and confused. Like a trance monkey you go through life searching for “happy.” Mesmerized by the lure of junk food, high tech gadgets, feel good drugs, and anything else that promises fun, excitement, and relief from your painful, mundane life.

Trance monkeys live for the weekend. The next ball game, pot luck, party or bottle of wine. Cursing each Monday morning as their poisoned bodies struggle to shed the toxins that cloud and dizzy the mind. Hating their jobs, disorganized homes and rebellious family members.

Others keep their nose to the grindstone (as workaholics) for fear they will come up short. That taking a breath will somehow threaten their success. Success that never comes. They have forgotten to enjoy the journey and do not realize they are already there.

Your dream killer is the programming you’ve received since birth. The lies, the stories that have made you who you are today. The hidden truth that has distorted your mind and led you to a life you believe you deserve.

You’ve Been Taken Hostage

Today’s world is rife with negativity and dream killers at every turn.

If you're one of the 99%, you’re being brainwashed to do the bidding of a group often called, the corporate elite. "Elite. ... In political and sociological theory, the elite (French élite, from Latin eligere) are a small group of powerful people that control a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege or political power in a society." -Wikipedia

These nefarious individuals have stolen the collective consciousness via devious subliminal manipulation. You unconsciously feed your kilr kravings every time you eat food that makes you sick, take drugs that were never designed to heal your body, buy stuff you’ll never need, and make war with the world. The public mind has been poisoned. Your subconscious has been taken hostage.

Will you wake up while there’s still time?

Kilr Kravings Can Drive Your Passion

I evolved from a community of dream stealers. Because they had no dreams of their own, they could not teach nor inspire me to dream, to find my passion, and follow my bliss.

By the age of 12, my kilr kravings were threatening to kill my dreams. I furiously rebelled against authority. Smoked Marlboros, pot, (tried to drink alcohol) and skipped school at every opportunity. I lived in a constant state of “getting into trouble.” It was the only way I could get attention and it worked. It also confirmed my erroneous beliefs that I was unworthy and had no control in my life.

As luck would have it, I moved into an environment that had hints of stability (and was my saving grace!), albeit, carried the same fearful qualities already programmed within me. (Adults can only give what they have been taught.) I was terrified of abandonment, rejection and poverty.

Fast forward 40+ years. Today my kilr kravings are driving my dreams. No cigarettes, no pot, and A LOT less fear. It took years to get f#%! up. And today, I continue to do the work. (Many of my teachers are here.) Fortunately, I lived in a household that encouraged healthy eating (thankfully, we were too poor to eat junk food), tons of reading, music of every genre, and organic gardening. These became my passions, my zest for life.

You can break free from the trance that is stealing your dreams, however, it will take time (and effort) to get control of your mind, and take back your life. I did it, and you can too.

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