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Life is Short. Make it Sweet.

Happy woman, short and sweet

Life may be short, but sure as hell better be sweet. If it isn’t, you’ve got no one to blame.

Life may sour at times, but it’s your choice to find the sweet; create moments that make life worth living.

When you finally get

life doesn’t happen to you, you happen to it,

shift happens…

Your mind will explode with possibilities, potentiality and breaths of freedom.

If you’re not already inspired, and you can’t see your vision, ask…

Be open and expect great things to happen. You will get the equivalent of the time and effort you put in. What you give, is what you get.

Head on over to Eden’s Corner. Healthy living is just moments away.

Keep your heart and eyes open. Get inspired today, your life is waiting for you…

When you seek it, you will find it. Every time.

Kilr Kravings: The Good, the Bad, the Potential

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