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Outwitting the Devil: Food, Fear & SEX Part Four

Outwitting the Devil: Food, Fear & Sex part four

Last week we discussed the devil's most powerful methods of controlling your mind: The Fear of Poverty and the Fear of Death.

Whether you believe the devil to be real or imaginary, the fact remains, there is an evil force that exists in your mind- for 98% of us, it dominates- and in the world.

The drifter is putty in the devil's hands. And the drifter (those who are mentally lazy) is often a victim of its destructive influence.

Drifting is mental laziness. A lack of self-control that the devil feeds on and is its greatest weapon over humanity. It causes one to create “hell on earth.”

Unknowingly, Drifters sabotage themselves.

The drifter believes what s/he hears on television, radio and from other "authorities." Consumes unhealthy food, drinks, poisons their environment with toxic chemicals and once overcome with malnutrition and toxicity, naively follows the advice of modern medicine.

Modern medicine further insults the body with poisonous drugs, creating even more problems for the drifter.

The drifter then becomes another "statistic," or milk cow (destined to live out their days slowly being poisoned to death).

Without question, the devil (via his brilliantly deceptive advocates) has enslaved 98% of the population.

Why else would anyone:

Eat or drink themselves to death?

Hate one's neighbor? Kill another?

Poison their home, family, and earth, with dangerous chemicals?

And tragically, poison the minds of their children?

Food, Sex and Fear

These are the best forms of seducing and manipulating the masses. Methods still in use today. With the help of the government and the media, the devil uses these powerful tools to control the public mind.

Entire cultures have been replaced with self-destructive values and beliefs; destroying confidence, common sense and the will to survive.

Television advertising lures the unsuspecting. Over time subliminal brainwashing convinces the naive to eat chemical laden junk food. Food they believe to be healthy, cheap and convenient. Food they think they want, need and desire.

Curvaceous, scantily clad celebrities are used as whores to front products for chemical industries. (That's pretty much anything you see advertised on television.) Diet soda, for example. Have you ever seen a thin person (in real life) drink diet soda?

Signs You May Be a Drifter

(Don't worry, if you're a drifter we've got some good news.)

# 1. Total lack of a Major Purpose in Life. This is the most important quality. If you do not possess a purpose in life you will succumb to worry, sadness, illness and despair.

# 2. Lacks self-confidence and does not accomplish anything requiring thought and effort.

# 3. Is sick or ailing from some real or imaginary cause.

#4. Ill-tempered and lacks control over his/her emotions.

# 5. Has opinions on everything but accurate knowledge of nothing.

# 6. Makes the same mistake over and over again. Never profiting by failure.

# 7. Neglects to cooperate with those around him/her, even those he relies upon for food and shelter.

# 8. Intolerant and narrow-minded on all subjects, ready to crucify those who may disagree with him.

# 9. Expect much of others, yet unwilling to give in return.

# 10. Loud in condemnation of government, but can not tell you how to improve it.

# 11. Eats too much and exercises too little.

# 12. Criticizes others who are succeeding in their chosen calling.

Drifting is the most common cause of failure.

Like I said, for you drifters out there, there's hope... Next week I reveal First Sign of the NON-Drifter.

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