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Outwitting the Devil Part 2

Outwitting the Devil Two

Last week we touched upon the devil’s influence on humanity and if such an entity does exist. Could there be an invisible force driving humanity toward the brink of extinction?

While the devil’s existence is controversial and unproven, there is no doubt a negative force manipulating and deceiving the masses.

Good vs. Evil

God, or as some call it, higher power, is believed to be a positive force for good.

It’s opposite, the Devil, a negative force for evil.

How the Devil Gains Control of Your Mind

The devil sows seeds of negative thoughts in the minds of those who do not think for themselves. The drifters.

The individual who lacks curiosity; an eagerness to learn new things or improve themselves.

Tricks of His Trade

The cleverest trick the Devil uses is FEAR. He plants seeds of fear in people’s minds.

The most effective fears are:

  • Poverty

  • Old age

  • Abandonment

  • Ill health

  • Criticism

  • Death

Two fears affect more people than any others. Poverty and...

It is undeniable that poverty is the most destructive fear among the masses. It causes worry, lack of focus, sadness and a sour life.

When Do We Acquire the Fear of Poverty?

At birth. It is taught by our parents, teachers, and society. We learn the fear of poverty by modeling other's words and actions. We acquire the fear of poverty because we do not think for ourselves.

Poverty thinking, or poverty consciousness, is a virulent disease that has become so imbedded into humanity’s consciousness that we have come to accept it as “normal.”

Lies such as “I can’t afford that,” or, “I’ll never have enough money to do that,” or, “I can’t make enough money to get ahead,” are clever mind-control tricks the devil uses to keep you in your suffocating grip of poverty.

The very thing you don’t want, but can’t stop thinking about it!!

The devil deliberately discourages people from accumulating material wealth because poverty discourages them from thinking and makes them easy prey…

It Ain’t Easy Being Poor

Growing up poor isn’t easy. It’s often embarrassing and can be downright depressing. Even though all the different families I lived with as a child had food and shelter, and our poverty wasn’t as desperate or apparent as other children I knew, its effect would haunt me for most of my adult life.

Lies I believed about rich people are pretty common to many.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. You have to work hard for money. You only get money if you’re lucky or born into it.

The fear of poverty distracts the mind and fills spaces better used for one’s own thoughts. For constructive thinking that creates hope, desires and worthy dreams and goals.

It causes the drifter to destroy their physical health. An unhealthy body discourages thinking. They often blame their condition on others; boss, mate, children, government, the world, all the cause of their anger, poverty...

There is no other fear save one, that dominates the drifter and destroys the ability to think for themselves. The other most powerfully destructive fear is one very few will ever escape. It curses and tortures the drifter for a lifetime …

Join me next week and we’ll discuss the “other fear” and techniques to overcome the habit of drifting and its debilitating effects.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the diabolically clever…


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