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Outwitting the Devil Part One

Outwitting the Devil Part One Fear or Faith?

Outwitting the devil is difficult, if not impossible...

Regardless of your relationship with the devil, he/it exists. The devil is your enemy and is constantly vying to control your mind and your life.

The deceptively wicked little mouse, in the children’s cartoon “Tom & Jerry,” was often torn between the devil and angel. The mythical(?) characters would sit atop his shoulders begging for his consideration. Much like humanity today, he was torn between good and evil.

Is the Devil Real or Imaginary?

Does it matter? This evil force exists, regardless. It is your fears, your self-doubts. And is with you every time you sabotage your health and your happiness. It is your own worst enemy.

It’s evident that 98% of us are in the clutches of “the devil.”

It is the voice that speaks of fear: The what if, that causes your heart to race, your blood pressure to rise…

The gnawing voice that says, “If I would have only…”

Are you in control of your mind? Who’s minding your mind?


Everyone drifts. Laziness and lack of self-control feeds the habit of drifting. It is the devil’s greatest weapon over human beings. And it causes us to create “hell on earth.”

Drifters permit outside forces to influence and control their environment and circumstances outside their mind.

A drifter accepts whatever life throws his way. Complains to others, but has no mind to resolve problems. The drifter is mentally lazy. Having no goals or intentions, he complains about his situation while condemning those who are successful. He doesn’t know what he wants from life and the devil happily complies with his wishes.

Think for Yourself

Even those who have gained control of their minds drift on occasion. But when they do they realize it immediately and redirect their thoughts to those that bring positive results.

The devil uses you easily when you drift. Taking control of your thinking and planting ideas in your mind. Ideas that keep you fearful, confused and powerless.

Cure Yourself of the Evil Habit of Drifting

One of the best ways of curing yourself of the habit of drifting is to be of service to others. Be kind, be good, take time to help others. Some form of service to as many people as possible.

The devil does not reward those who are good and kind. He cannot infiltrate your mind when you are doing acts of kindness. Kindness and fear are diametrically opposed.

Why Give to Others?

It is the only way to avoid the devil's trap.

You must give to receive. Be of service. Nothing feels better than helping others. Wouldn’t you want help if you needed it? Animals, kids, grown-ups, the earth, all need a helping hand.

Say Goodbye to the Dark Side

Will you be guided by faith or fear?

Virtually every Kilr Kravings blog on this site addresses the Devil’s influence on your beliefs, values and decisions. And while I’ve given you some insight into why you succumb to negative Kilr Kravings, this series of Outwitting the Devil, will give you a deeper understanding (ammunition) to outwit the devil and your Kilr Kravings that sabotage your life.

Next week we'll look at the various ways the devil lures you into drifting and how drifting keeps you from your "other self."

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